Survey Results of When performers become non-performers

“When performers become non-performers”
Survey Conducted by Team IHA!

With the challenging atmosphere at the workplace, it becomes tougher for a performer to survive which consequently leads to sudden downfall. Many reasons are associated with it. Some external factors like unwanted pressure from seniors, hypothetical targets, unrealistic timelines regarding deliverables etc. were included in our survey as per our initial thought. But we also included internal factors like employee attitude, commitment, skills &knowledge in our survey. And the results were pretty amazing.

Around 80 % of employees come under the domain of average performers and under performers. Imagine if these people perform well!!!
A candidate is hired using rigorous selection process using all available resources. The candidate was performing well above average while joining the organisation. Then why all of a sudden there is a decrease in performance? To draw insights and have a deeper look into this matter we have conducted a survey accumulating responses from various HR professionals, great leaders and employees of various organisations.



52 % of the respondents say that internal factors (e.g. Employee Attitude and Commitment, Personality etc.) are significant for impact on performance while 48 % say that external factors (work environment & organisational culture etc.) are the ones which impact the same.


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While joining in the organisation only 20% look for vast learning opportunities & 80% of the employees look for fast career growth, good salary and financial rewards and recognitions.
After some time the individuals look for fast career progression and looks out for instant results.  All of the respondents agreed upon the fact that looking out for instant results from the work and the organisation impacts the performance up to a large extent.



The most important factor for driving an employee’s performance was found out to be Employee attitude & commitment. When an employee is committed to his work and has a great attitude towards his roles and responsibilities that are when he/she performs the best. Skills & knowledge would not matter much as long as he/she is committed towards his/her duty. As it is clear from the stats below that skills &knowledge has very little to do with driving the performance.


Above 60% of the respondents agree upon the fact that lack of role clarity and personality are two of the most important internal factors which also gives rise to ego clashes and stress as well. Consequently, these lead to a steep downfall in Individual’s performance.


Among the external factors, only poor leadership from top management has a significant impact on performance when compared to other factors. According to our survey above 75% of the respondents agree on poor leadership having a large impact on performance.

Corporates/Industries focus much more on improving upon the external factors rather than working upon the internal ones. Now it’s time to look at the factors like employee attitude and commitment, role clarity, personality, stress etc.

Study Conducted by –

Abhilasha Bakhla – Summer Interns – B. Arch from BIT MESRA & Pursuing MBA in HR – IIM Ranchi
Mohit Kumar Sethy – Summer Interns – B.Tech. from IIT-Dhanbad & Pursuing MBA in HR – IIM Ranchi

Supervision By –

Rishi Raman – Consultant