Thanks to the technological disruption, recruitment process has not just been developed but also it’s been effective as well. The reliability has increased manifold. Now companies are spending a lot to get the right candidate anytime. So how technology has helped this dynamic environment of recruitment industry?





Video Interviews

Earlier it was a major issue for the candidate to appear for a face to face interviews. But with the advent of video interviews through skype, Vidcruiter, Kira talent etc. both time and money are being saved while hiring process has become a lot more effective. These interviews are of two types

Normally These interviews are of two types
1. Live video interviews
2. Pre-recorded video interviews
According to the Veeting Rooms, 57% of job applicants prefer a live video interview to a pre-recorded video interview. 56% indicate video as their most preferred method of business communication



Social  Media

Social media platforms have helped the recruiters to reach out to the candidates more easily. A huge availability of talent at any time is another significant feature of using social media as recruiting.
Candidates tell all sorts of lies to get the job offer anyway. But the social media platforms like facebook, twitter, and LinkedIn has helped in background assessment to assure the best fitment of candidates. Social media has also helped to keep track of potential candidates through their activities on social media.



Upcoming Innovations-Artificial Intelligence

With artificial intelligence entering into the world so fast we can’t  ignore the kind of impact it is going to have in the recruitment industry. AI is being designed to reduce the high volume tasks like screening from the large talent pool. According to, 52% of talent acquisition leaders say the hardest part of recruitment is identifying the right candidates from a large applicant pool. AI can learn human biases and bring in more rationality in the process as well.




Working with Marketing Team

If we talk about employer branding HR working in integration with marketing team will help present the company as a good employer in front of the candidates. Heavy marketing of corporate competitions will help tap the best talents in the markets. In a nutshell, HR can work with the marketing team not just to sell the product but also to portray a good brand image as an employer.

By – Mohit Kumar Sethy – Summer Interns – B.Tech. from IIT-Dhanbad & Pursuing MBA in HR – IIM Ranchi

Supervision By – Rishi Raman